Internal Quality Assurance Cell;DASC

Enlightening Minds & Enlarging the Mission

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” – William A. Foster


10 Cells & 23 Micro Cells

The responsibility of smooth functioning is monitered by various cells formed by IQAC and the supervision of proper function is evaluted through scheduled meetings and minutes which in turn are varified by IQAC!

IQAC Academic Council Anti-Ragging Cell Complaint & Redressal Cell Discipline Cell Ethics & Anti-Drugs Cell Examination Cell PTA Executive Body University Selection Cell General Body Administrative Body Executive Body Alumni Association Mentoring Body Sports Desk Placement Cell

Building a Responible Eductional Legacy to Touch & Teach the Future !

Students Support and Upliftment Initiatives

IQAC has divided the whole students of the college into different mentoring panels and the lecturers have been assigned as mentors to udnerstand their woes and worries. They are given counselling in the areas where they are stuggling and Serious matter is reffered to the expert psychologist. IQAC assures that they meet the students twice in a semester. Peer group academic mentroing is formed to uplift the slow learners.

De Insignia Club De Blossams Club De Prologue Club E.D Club Leo Club Junior Red Cross NSS NCC Herbal Garden Peer Group Learning

Let technology rein the future for the presicion and fastness

IQAC aims to have an education system which is more based on the support of technology. IQAC in DASC ensures that the most possible way of advanced technology is applied in all the curricular and extra curricular areas. The studnets and staff are introduced to the latest technological advancement in academic platform so that the efforts are eased!


Invention of Barcoding system eases and greases the human labour a lot. IQAC has introduced the complete Digitalization of the campus especially in Library, Accounts and Admission.Special digital encoding is used for identifying the different types of clients.

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