De Paul Campus Edathotty owns a leagacy of 34 years ofacadedmic excellence. The campus was the realization ofmission upholds by Vincentian Congregationestablishedin the year 1904 imbibing the spirit and charism handedover by St. Vincent De Paul. The De Paul campusestablished in Edathotty is always striving to impart valuebased education that facilitate students to achieve lifelong learnings to be productive citizens of the country. DePaul campus was established in 1980 visualizing highereducation of the children of Migrants in Northern Malabar.The institution initially started with informal educationsystem. The gradual growth of the institution wasrealized by becoming an Off Campus Acadamic Centreof MG University. The next mileslones of the campusis marked in its history by establishing a Depaul Arts &Science College (DASC) affiliated to Kannur university.The institution marks its differnce by its excellence inaccademic performance, extra andcurricular activitiesalong with student centered initiatives.


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