A. General Rules
1. Admission of the students to the institute (De Paul Academy & De Paul College) implies compliance with each regulation as may be made from time to time by authorities for the proper maintenance of order and discipline in the institute.
2. Strict discipline will have to be maintained in the campus.Indisciplinary action would be dealt with seriously and may cause suspension or dismissal of the student.
3. Strict regularity, politeness, courtesy of speech and good conduct are expected from all students and foul plays will be viewed seriously.
4. If the identity card is lost, a duplicate may be issued at the student’s expense with the special permission of the Principal on submission of a written request for a duplicate card, counter signed by the parent or guardian.
5. Students shall not crowd in the corridor, in front of the office and principal’s room. Sitting on the parapet walls or on stair cases is also strictly prohibited.
6. The equipment allotted to each class must be maintained with utmost care and missing is punishable.
7. Students are not permitted to sit or write or scratch on the tables or on the writing pads of the chair. If the furniture or any equipment in the classrooms is found damaged,
the entire class will have to bear the penalty unless the person who made the damage reported.
8. Students should feel it their responsibility to keep the classrooms, common areas, and the premises clean. Littering should be strictly avoided.
9. Any form of violence, threat, intimidation and extortion that cause physical and psychological harm to students incompletely forbidden.
10. The entire college campus is a “No-smoking” zone. Students shall not be found in the college campus and classrooms in intoxicated condition with alcohol or drugs.
11. Students are expected to uphold the dignity and decorum of public meeting organized by the College. Any act that is intended to disturb and to cause confusion in such meetings shall be treated as a punishable offence.
12. Students are not permitted to live in a lodge or in unapproved hostels or houses.
13. Hostlers should obey the rules and regulations of the hostel in which they live and the directions of the hostel warden.
14. Students should strictly follow the Academic policies of their respective Department.
15. Taking part in any political activity by organizing students or to cause gatherings inside the college campus for the purpose of doing any political activities shall constitute serious indiscipline. Every member of such a gathering shall be individually liable and responsible for the gross indiscipline in this regard and the Principal shall have the power to take disciplinary action against students who indulge in the aforesaid activities.
16. It shall constitute gross indiscipline to call for and appeal to strike based on policies and ideologies that may be preached by the political parties or their sister organizations
or student wings. The participants in the strike as aforesaid shall be dealt with by the disciplinary authority and they shall be imposed appropriate penalty.
17. No student of the college shall stage or indulge in any activity like Dhahran, Gera, obstructing entry to and from any class room, office, hall or other places inside the campus and such activities shall be treated as misconduct.
18. No meeting can be conducted in the college/campus by students, staff or any association of the college without the explicit permission of the principal.
19. No student of the college shall shout slogans inside the class rooms, office or any other place inside the campus and obstruct and interfere or to cause disturbance and nuisance to the ordinary functioning of the institution. These activities shall be treated as misconduct.
20. Medium of instruction and communication is English within the campus.
21. The students should strictly comply with the rules and directions of the college authorities from time to time.22. De Paul Computer Academy is only a centre for MGUProgrammes. The centre will not do any transaction with the university or study centers on behalf of students attending the programmers. De Paul Academy has also no responsibility to the students in connection with university matters.
23. Students are required to follow the rules and regulations instructed by the college authority from time to time.
24. Students are supposed to remit the tuition fee, exam fee and all the other fees on or before the stipulated date failing which they will be made to remit 10% of the amounts fine and they shall be subjected to the action taken byte authority.
25. The college will not return the certificate and the other documents to the students unless and until they make the complete payment of fees.
26. UG and PG students who discontinue or drop out of college shall be made the complete payment of fees.
27. Mobile phones are strictly banned on the campus. Mobile phones seized from students will not be returned.
28. Ragging is a criminal offence and any such incident will invite disciplinary action.
29. Student are expected to maintain good manners and decentbehaviour. They should hold teachers in high respect.
30. Students are required to get the prior permission of the principal to bring an outsider to the campus.

31. Students must participate in all the sports arts and cultural activities held at the college. They are not allowed to be absent on such occasions without permission.
32. In case there is any destruction or damage made to the college property, strict action will follow and the offenders will be made to compensate the same.
33. Student are required to follow all the rules and regulations and they are not even allowed to be present at the scene of violations of rules.
34. Students should desist from littering on the campus, sticking or scribing anything over the walls or anywhere on the college building. Any violations of the rule shall invite disciplinary action.
35. All the students are required to follow a decent dress code and shall be wearing uniform and identity cards in the campus failing which they shall be subjected to disciplinary action including fine and expulsion from college.
36. Respective class teachers are authorized to grant- leave for one day and two days leave will be granted by the concerned co-coordinators. If the students are absent for three consecutive days, leave will be granted only by the principal. Leave for medical reasons can be granted only on the production of a medical certificate issued by a registered medical fractioned specifying reasons.
37. Students are required to follow the dress code decided byte authority from time to time. Students are not permitted to wear jeans / low-waist pants / T-shirts and dhotis even on days when uniform is not necessary. Ideal dress code for boys is formal pants and shirts and for girls curdier with shawl. Boys shall not enter the campus with their faces are unshaven and hair unkempt decently.
38. The college always maintain high standards of discipline and the general rules will be strictly imposed on the students. Nonstudent shall ever question or violate any of these general rules failing which he or she shall be inviting disciplinary action including dismissal.
B. Admission
Admission is open to all excellent and earnest students irrespective of caste and creed subject to merit and availability of seats.
Admission to courses is for one year. Students are required to obtain readmission every year and readmission of a student
vests on discretionary power of the authority .
C. College Time
9.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
Office Time: Monday to Friday 9.30 a.m. to 4 pm
Saturday 9.30 a.m. to 3.30 pm
D. Holidays
Holidays are marked in the calendar. In addition, the holidays declared by the government or the collector and total bus strike in the area will be applicable. All the Sundays and Government declared holidays are normally not working days. But according to the availability of visiting faculty members or necessity of the time, college authority has right to arrange class in any days.
E Attendance & Leave
39. The parent or guardian of the students shall countersign every application for leave in the handbook and students should bring the handbook every day.
40. Absence without leave from any internal or class examinations or model examination will seriously be dealt with.
41. It is compulsory for the students to attend the class regularly. They should have the required percentage of attendance to qualify for appearing for the examinations.
42. Students are expected to be present in the classroom 5minutes prior to the commencement of classes. Late entry into the class is not permitted. If a student is late for the classy 10minutes twice a month, this period of time of absence will be calculated as leave for one day. Students can avail themselves of a maximum of 5 days leave in an academic year beyond which they need to obtain permission of the Principal and they will not be allowed to enter the class without bringing their guardians to the office.
F Issue of Certificates
43. Conduct Certificate is a document, which a student has to earn. It is not issued as a matter of course. The conduct Certificate is made/issued on the basis of an overall evaluation of the student.
44. No certificate will be sent by post unless the whole transmission charge is prepaid in cash or postage stamp. College is not responsible if the certificates are lost during the transmission of the same by post.45. No certificates will be issued by the institution without written request and require 5 working days to issue certificate.
G. Library
46. Members of staff and students are members of the college library and are entitled to use the library. Books in the reference section will not be issued.
47. A library card will be issued to all the members of the college library and if it is lost, a new card may be issued with the special permission of the principal on submission of a written request and with a remittance of fine Rs.20.00. Detailed rules and regulations of the college library is displayed in the library notice board.


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