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English Department is enriched with qualified and experienced faculty and up to date infrastructure. The department stands to impart an in-depth knowledge in English literature and journalism and to inculcate communicative skills and soft skills training by using the latest technology and best possible innovations in teaching and assessment. To build stronger social networks based on the values and principles of humanity and to ensure the intellectual integration of person with national vision and international standards and build public awareness on important social, cultural and other policy issues. The graduation in English provides better possibilities for the higher studies like MA, MBA, MCJ etc.


BA with Journalism

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6 Semesters

English Club

To experience the world outside the class room

English club has conducts various activities for the students of the department and college to bring out the students creativity and to hone their language skills. Under the leadership of the club Essay Writing Competition, Poetry Recitation Competition, The Spell Bee Competition, General Knowledge Quiz Competition, A poetry writing competition, debate competition and seminars are conducted. The club works under the leadership of the students. The activities of the club provide practical understanding about the English language and literature.

Filim Club

To Foaste the Literary Talents and exposure to the modern Multimdedia...

The department of English fosters the modern Medias as a part of the academic and non academic activity. Motion pictures being one of the most influential media for the upliftment of sociocultural status of the society, it requires special focus in finding growing talents of this field. The film Club conducts film related awareness among its members and conducts seminars, competitions, workshops, film screening etc. The film club has conducted a mega Film festival – Solo in the year 2018. The fest was venue for the competition of short films, Movie shows, and interactive session with film directors and actors. The events are intended not only to expand the knowledge of the students in the field of cinematography and associated science, but also to impart a cultural value as well as an obligation towards the society they live in.

Placement Drives

Placement drives are conducted for the students who are aspiring job after the course…

Department of English conducts various placement drives for the students who are excelling in the performance. The department provides various chances for the students who are seeking a job after the graduation.

Cultural Activities

Cultural activities open door to the literature...

Department of English takes leadership for various cultural activities. The celebrations like Onam are conducted under the leadership of the department. It fosters the unity among the students and helps to under various cultures close.

Career Guidance

Career guidance plays an important role in curriculum that supports: students' interests, strengths and aspirations. It reveals students' achievements and risk of poor outcomes.

Department of English conducts various career guidance programs in a year. Career guidance helps the students to make decisions about their future choices and pathways. The programmes can assess the aptitude, personality, interests, and other aspects of the students. The available options are exposed to the students and helps to them to select the right path. The guidance is focused mainly onl the future possibilities whether its is higher studies like MA,MCJ, MBA etc.